Spirit Services, LLC

** Please Note: I am still accepting new clients. However, as news develops rapidly around the COVID-19 virus, I have temporarily suspended my online booking function. I AM STILL AVAILABLE TO SEE CLIENTS, please just use my Contact Me form below instead. I am using Zoom, Skype or FaceTime for virtual appointments. The psychic connection with a virtual reading is just as strong as in person. 

For any client who already has an appointment scheduled, I will be reaching out to you in person as we get closer to your appointment date. Thank you for your loyalty and understanding as we all navigate uncharted territory. 


​In my work, I have developed an immense empathy and understanding for souls who are stuck. And yet, I also have a deep respect for a soul's freewill choice. Keeping both in mind, I use my gifts to help the living and the dead. 

I clear houses and space. I offer readings and specialize in medium work. I love doing special events and psychic parties.

My office address is:

555 West Seventh, Suite 204

St. Paul (Just a block from Mancini's)

To book an appointment for a reading or to contact me about my other services, please use the form below or email me at njfowler@mac.com

NEW! Feel free to use the form at the bottom to book a reading online. But please know that I often have other times available. If you don't see a time that works for you, send me a note and I will try to fit you in.  Online booking is only available for 30 or 60 minute readings, not our joint astrology readings.

Cancelation Policy: Please do not book an appointment until you are emotionally ready. Due to the nature of this work, I only offer a limited number of appointments each week. I respectfully request 24 hours notice for cancellation. After a cancellation, I reserve the right to ask for payment in advance upon rescheduling.



Contact Me

Read more about my services and rates below. For availability and to book an appointment, please contact me. When requesting an appointment, it is helpful for me to know the days and times that work best for your schedule.

Specialties and Services



Readings are available in 30 or 60 minute sessions. I am available in person, over the phone, or Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. 

I accept cash, check, cards or PayPal. 

What to Expect During a Reading

Every reading is as unique as the person I am sitting with. I connect with your angels and guides to offer you a higher perspective on life's challenges and struggles. I set specific parameters so that I am only working in my clients' greatest and highest good. 

In a 30 minute session ($65) we usually get right down to business with specific questions or issues. In a 60 minute appointment ($115) we have more time to get into a wide range of topics. 

Readings with others have included:

  •  Releasing past hurts 
  • Connecting with loved ones who have passed 
  • Identifying and addressing past life issues 
  • Identifying spirit guides 
  • Analyzing options and choices for future opportunities

House Clearings

Children today are more sensitive and in tune to energies than ever before. A lot of my house clearing clients have children who see things they don't understand. I have also helped home owners looking to sell their home, or give their new home a fresh start upon moving in. 

There are two types of energy that can get trapped in a house: residual and intelligent. 

When trauma happens or people argue, energy emitted in those moments can remain trapped in the atmosphere. This is residual energy that can be cleared.

Sometimes, souls don't move on to where they are supposed to go. When a soul is stuck,  sometimes they need a little convincing to move along to where they are supposed to go. I can tune into properties remotely to help counsel stuck spirits. I can follow this up by a physical clearing of  of a property, using metaphysical tools designed to clear residual energy if necessary. 

Whenever I am working in or for a space, I work with the energy of the house to tune the energy to a vibration that is in the best interest for everyone involved. 

Joint Psychic/Astrology Readings

Meredith (of Earthling Astrology) will use your date, time and city of birth to pull your astrological chart. Together, we break down what the signs and symbols mean for you in your daily life.

Readings with others have included:

  • Understanding your soul contracts
  • Uncovering past life information
  • Understanding repeating patterns and cycles

These readings are offered in 45 minute appointments ($100) or 90 minute appointments ($200).

To book a joint reading, please email Meredith at meredith@earthlingastrology.com


Paranormal Services Cooperative

I am a co-founder of Paranormal Services Cooperative, a paranormal investigative group that specializes in Spirit Rescue and strives to promote #ParanormalUnity.