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‚ÄčIn my work, I have developed an immense empathy and understanding for souls who are stuck. And yet, I also have a deep respect for a soul's freewill choice. Keeping both in mind, I use my gifts to help the living and the dead. 

I clear houses and space. I offer readings and specialize in medium work. I love doing special events and psychic parties. 


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Specialties and Services



Readings are available in 30 or 60 minute sessions. I am available over the phone (or Skype), via email or in person. 

I accept cash, check or PayPal. 

What to Expect During a Reading

Every reading is as unique as the person I am sitting with. I connect with your angels and guides to offer you a higher perspective on life's challenges and struggles. 

In a 30 minute session ($65) we usually get right down to business with specific questions or issues. In a 60 minute appointment ($115) we have more time to get into a wide range of topics. 

Readings with others have included:

  •  Releasing past hurts 
  • Connecting with loved ones who have passed 
  • Identifying and addressing past life issues 
  • Identifying spirit guides 
  • Analyzing options and choices for future opportunities

House Clearings

Children today are more sensitive and in tune to energies than ever before. A lot of my house clearing clients have children who see things they don't understand. I have also helped home owners looking to sell their home, or give their new home a fresh start upon moving in. 

There are two types of energy that can get trapped in a house: residual and intelligent. 

When trauma happens or people argue, energy emitted in those moments can remain trapped in the atmosphere. This is residual energy that can be cleared.

Sometimes, souls don't move on to where they are supposed to go. When a soul is stuck,  sometimes they need a little convincing to move along to where they are supposed to go. I can tune into properties remotely to help counsel stuck spirits. 

I follow this up by a physical clearing of  of a property, using metaphysical tools designed to clear residual energy. 

Private Psychic Classes and Parties

Have you always wanted to learn more about your own psychic gifts, but didn't know where to start? 

I develop private classes, offered in a book club styled setting with your friends,  specifically tailored to meet your interests and needs. 

Prices start at $35 per person and I just ask that there be at least 3 or 4 people. 

Topics can include:

  • Understanding the different psychic gifts and how to recognize them in your self and others
  • Understanding our energetic bodies, chakras and auras
  • Tuning in to spirit guides, guardian angels and other divine helpers
  • Ghosts and Spirits
  • Past Lives and the Akashic Records

I am also available for private events and appearances. I offer discounted group rates for private readings at parties.

An Astrologer and a Psychic walked into a bar and something amazing happened...

True story: I was out with my friend, Meredith of Earthling Astrology (www.earthlingastrology.com). A friend asked a question about her chart, and as Meredith explained, I started to get downloads of information about what that meant specifically. 

So we decided to team up to offer joint readings! 

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Paranormal Services Cooperative

I am a co-founder of Paranormal Services Cooperative, a paranormal investigative group that specializes in Spirit Rescue and strives to promote #ParanormalUnity. 

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