About Me


How, exactly, does one become an author, freelance editor, ghost hunter AND a psychic medium?

When I was a kid, I loved ghost stories. But I always wanted to know more about the ghost.  In my first job out of law school, I had a really long drive every day. It was on one of those drives, that I got an idea for a mystery. I thought it would be really interesting to take a character who is trained to think logically and rationally...like a law student. And then give her something completely irrational and inexplicable to deal with...like a ghost. 

When my husband accepted a job that took our young family to Brussels, Belgium, I became an expat. I also, accidentally, became a blogger. What started as something to keep in touch with friends and family back in Minnesota, turned into something much more. Last summer, I edited my blog, MY ADVENTURES AS AN EXPAT IN BELGIUM, into a book. You can buy it here or here.  But even more important, while we were living in Belgium, I had time to write mystery novels and ghost stories. 

In May 2014, I signed with my agent, Terrie Wolf at AKA Literary Management. Can you believe I found her through #AdPit on Twitter? Proving that yes, pitch parties actually work. Read more about it in my very first guest blog post.

About that same time, I met Jessica Freeburg, who turned out to be my soul sister and partner in crime for a lot of collaborative projects. She founded the Ghost Stories Ink group. At first, when she asked me to join them for a ghost hunt, I wasn't really sure if I wanted to go along to shake ghosts out of attics and creepy basements. But after my first adventure with GSI, I was all in.  We've had some great adventures, conducting paranormal investigations from New York City to Los Angeles, and we are working on a documentary. ​​

My work with GSI has led to an interesting self-discovery...

I'm psychic. 

I'd always known I was intuitive, but until a few years ago, I didn't realize to what extent. When I was a little girl, I used to see shadows in my room and everyone would tell me, "It's just your imagination." When I was four, I had an imaginary friend and her name was Darney. She died of a heart attack. Last year, I finally got my mother to admit that I'd probably been playing with a ghost. She and my grandma had suspected as much, but they had no idea what to do about it.  

It's interesting how life can wind you along certain paths, leading the way to who knows what and then suddenly, everything makes sense. Now, my life makes more sense.  

In May 2017, I started my own company, Spirit Services, LLC. I specialize in clearing houses and space. I also do readings and group events and private classes. I approach my psychic work with immense sympathy for those souls who are stuck...both living and dead.