Natalie Fowler

Author - Freelance Editor - Paranormal Investigator and Psychic Medium


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I've been fascinated by ghost stories ever since I was a little girl. But most ghost stories  are usually told from the perspective of the haunted and how scary  it is to have or see a ghost. I always wanted to know more about the poor spirit, trapped for all eternity. In my ghost stories, I like to give the ghosts a voice. ​Natalie's literary works are represented by Dawn Frederick at Red Sofa Literary.

Freelance Editor


I am a staff editor and contributor for FATE Magazine, the longest running print paranormal news magazine featuring stories of the strange and unknown. I also do freelance editorial work, I love helping other writers with their words. Do you need help with a project?  I especially like helping other writers with their WIPs. Check out my Editorial Services page for my rates and specialties. 

Paranormal Investigator


I am also a paranormal investigator and research geek for Ghost Stories Ink, a group of authors and illustrators who go on ghost hunts for creative inspiration. We teach classes and workshops and host events. We are also working on a documentary that has taken us from New York City to Los Angeles for filming purposes.  

More recently, I co-founded a new group called Paranormal Services Cooperative, that focuses on spirit rescue, education and promoting paranormal unity. Check out our PSC page if you think you have something in your house and you need help, or if you are interested in learning more about paranormal investigations.

Psychic Medium


Oh yeah. And I'm also a psychic medium. 

Recently, and a little bit reluctantly at first, I've come to accept that I've got a few "gifts" and I use them to help others. I specialize in clearing space and spirit rescue. But I also connect with loved ones who have passed, and offer readings in which I can connect with your spirit guides and angels to give you a higher perspective of life's challenges and struggles. 

For more about that, check out the page for my new company, Spirit Services, LLC.